Top 6 Android App Development Tools For 2022

We know that the entire world has gone mobile and this makes it Important to have a successful mobile application for your business. The two most popular and widely used applications are iOS and Android. But, Android holds the largest market share of about 80%. Android mobile phones and apps are very easy and more convenient to use for those people who are not pro in using smart phones and apps. This huge popularity of Android devices has made Android development the first choice of businesses.

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Android apps are evolving day by day with the availability of more and more tools, out of which the best 6 tools that developers or every iOS app development company San Francisco must use, are mentioned below. Just take a look at them.

  1. Android Studio: It comes first in the list due to its high popularity and usage of Android app development. Android studio is the official IDE for Android that lets easy code editing, debugging and of course testing.
  2. Stetho: It is the open source that is introduced by Facebook. Stetho is designed to make sure fast app debugging and it provides the app a website like an experience by letting the app run on the same desktop browsers and making the use of a few of the Chrome developer tools.
  3. AIDE: It is also an Android IDE that lets easy development of apps. It provides a way to write codes, debug and test the same on phones. It is a great choice for all fresh developers.
  4. Android Asset Studio: this is an amazing set of tools which are very easy to use as well as can generate a variety of icons needed for designing and developing apps.
  5. Leakcanary: This is a power packed tool for detecting memory leaks. Once this tool is installed, it automatically launches and notified its users of all memory leaks in the app they have built.
  6. Gradle: An open source automated system, Gradle was introduced a few years back but this tool is in use greatly by the app developers. It combines the power and features of Apache Maven and Apache Ant, so it is perfect for large builds and multi projects for Android. This tool is mostly used for creating Android apps with Java language but comes with Groovy and Scala plugins.

To develop a user-friendly Android app, you must contact a professional and experienced app development company in San Francisco. Start some research before hiring any app development company.

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