Why Are People Not Coming To My Website?

Many people ask me a common question that is “Why are people not coming to my website? You have spent lots of money and time making your online business available for people interested in your products and services. But, still, they are not coming to your site. Here is some possible reasons:

  • Not Responsive

Today, more and more people are buying online using their Smartphone. So your website needs to be able to handle your target customer devices and present your website in a responsive and well-optimized way. Your customers will not buy if they can’t read and see your products and services. Thus, ensure that your business website is responsive, mobile-friendly and can perform properly in any cell phone. Hire a San Francisco Web development Company to make your site responsive.

  • Your Web Design Is Not Trustworthy

Keep in mind that a website design leads visitors to either trust you or and your website.  Poor design leads to higher bounce rates. Remember specific design elements such as pop-up ads, slow page load times, flashy ads and hard to read text stated as engendering mistrust.

  • Not Available On Social Media

Social media can help direct people to your site, particularly if you are consistently posting content. Other benefits of social media include Humanize your brand, Increase website traffic, Generate leads, Boost sales. Social media platforms provide you the opportunity to interact directly with your target customers and give them the chance to interact with your brand.

  • Don’t Have Any Backlinks

Backlinks are a vital quality ranking signal for Google. They are good for both search engines and humans. They are also in the top five most significant ranking factors in Google’s eye. Some of the best ways to get quality backlinks are guest posting, getting featured in the media and writing a column or must have compelling web content that everyone links to.

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  • Takes More Time To Load

There could be plenty of reasons behind a slow running or loading website. For example- Slow Web Hosting and Database Issue. Online users will wait for 3 to 5 seconds for web sites to load before they hit the back button.   So, ensure that your website loads quickly (Before 5 seconds).

  • Images And Videos

Website images stick with visitors or readers longer and give you a greater return on your content investment. Ensure that your web images are optimized and displayed with the right format and the main image of each page is available in the headers of the site.  Apart from images, videos can be a great way to get your site visitors engaged. Also, images are a great emotion trigger to draw your visitors in and get them engaged in your web content.

Keep in mind that if you’ve just built your website a few days back, chances are you are starting at the bottom of the list. People are not generally looking for a website that just proved to exist a week ago. So, go for web design services in San Francisco today and get your site updated.

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